Rose McGowan explains her perceived 'anti-trans' comments from heated Barnes & Nobles incident

Rose McGowan is opening up about that heated Barnes & Nobles incident last year where a trans woman heckled her for previously making anti-trans comments. McGowan's defensive reaction at the time caused backlash, with the actress being deemed a "TERF".

In an interview with Jameela Jamil, McGowan says it was a misunderstanding, "I was at Barnes & Noble for my first book signing. I had said to the publicist, 'Something bad's gonna happen to me tonight. [Weinstein's] gonna send someone here to terrorize me.' And he did. He sent someone with a professional camera and a paid-off protester who said, 'What have you done for trans women in prison?' And I said, 'What have you done for women?' And that immediately got taken as if I was saying trans women weren't women."

She went on, "I'm there talking about my book and my personal life and my experience as a rape victim, and all of a sudden, I'm being literally screamed at, but nobody cared about that. Everybody cared that I said one word wrong. When I say, 'What have you done for women?' I'm talking about everybody. I was focusing more on the 'in prison' part. I said, 'What have you done for women?' meaning every kind of woman. 'What have you done for humanity?' would have been the better thing [to say]."

She says that she hopes the general public gains more sympathy for traumatized people who may often short-circuit and not be perfectly composed.

You can stream the full interview here. For reference, the incident she's referring to is below:

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