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Perrie Edwards opens up about struggling with anxiety and panic attacks

Perrie Edwards (¼th of Little Mix) openes up about struggling with anxiety and panic attacks during an interview with GLAMOUR:

• Says she has always been anxious, and then started to have panic attacks 18 months ago. "I don’t know if it’s come with being in the industry and knowing that people are constantly looking at me and wanting a piece of me or there might be a pap somewhere. I don’t know if it’s triggered it, but it’s just happened. When I look back now to this weird wobble I had, I never thought I’d be where I am now because I never thought there was a way out. [...] It was like learning to walk again, it was so bizarre. Once I overcome one thing, once I went out the house a bit more, my mum didn’t have to come to work with me anymore and I was fine. Then I started travelling on my own. I can get in a car and go to Manchester and I’m fine. I’m still a bit uneasy about the train."

She couldn't talk about that for a long time, because it would trigger her, but now she is in a better place and wants to help others by speaking out. She felt really alone at first, and reading that other people (like Fearne Cotton and Ellie Goulding) were experiencing the same really helped her.

– Has had therapy and it helped her a lot.

– Used to be really insecure about her looks because other children used to make fun of her. She has a big scar on her stomach, from where she had to have surgery, so changing in front of her classmates was the worst. They also told her her freckles were disgusting, so she used to wear a ton of make up to hide them, but then people told her she looked like shit for that too, so now she no longer cares and loves them.

She also shared her journey on instagram a few weeks ago:


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