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Anjelica Huston gives a long interview about all the shitty men she's known (so many shitty men)

  • Oscar winning actress Anjelica Huston talks about her career which mostly involves all the men who have treated her like garbage. I have thoughtfully bolded the names of the awful men (there are also unbolded shitty women in there too)

  • Her dad, John Huston prevented her from taking the role of Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

  • She drags a critic who said she had the face of a gnu (a type of antelope also known as a Wildebeest). After the interviewer asked her if it hurt that he called her that she said that it doesn't matter because she's alive and he's dead and when the interviewer corrects her and says the critic is 93 and still alive she says "He’s dead as far as I’m concerned." (OP note: LMAOOO)

  • She stopped hanging out with Penny Marshall because they had "conflicting morals" which apparently means Marshall smoked in the cold and also took a lot of coke

  • Doesn't do hard drugs anymore but still smokes weed

  • She was arrested for coke the same night Polanski was arrested for raping Samantha Geimer. She says that a lot of European guys used to creep on teens all the time in that era and it still happens (but also somehow doesn't think it's objectionable???). Also says she was sexually harassed basically every day of her life

  • Elia Kazan asked a random woman at a bus stop if she was beautiful and the woman said she was "interesting" so he didn't cast her in The Last Tycoon

  • She doesn't think Woody Allen is guilty and would work with him in a second

  • Defends Jeffrey Tambor and also says she thinks what happens on set should stay on set

  • She dated her first boyfriend (Bob Richardson) when she was 18 and he was 42 he was (surprise surprise) controlling and abusive

  • She won an Oscar for her performance in Prizzi's Honor which her father directed. He only paid her scale to work on the movie. When she had her agent ask the producer for more money they told her no and they didn't even want her anyway

  • She thinks Oprah has a grudge against her because she won her Oscar over Oprah's performance in The Color Purple

  • The only time Edie Murphy is nice is the day after he's been slammed by the critics for his latest movie all other times he acts like a diva

  • Bill Murray invited every member of the cast of The Life Aquatic out to dinner except her. She has since forgiven him because he showed up to her husband's funeral.

  • Her dad ran off with his housekeeper while married to his 5th wife and she thinks it was because he was bored and lonely. He also cut her out of his will

  • Ryan O'Neal was physically abusive to her during their relationship and once head-butted her

  • Her father also had sex with one of her friends and they had a child together, actor Danny Huston

  • Jack Nicholson announced that he had cheated on her by saying "Someone is having a baby". The someone was him as he had had an affair with a waitress, Rebecca Broussard

  • She was particularly hurt by all of Nicholson's mutual friends who cut her out of their lives and went to the press and told everyone how happy Nicholson was with Broussard

  • Her marriage basically bankrupted her because her husband had a very rare disease and she had to pay all his medical bills

  • She still talks with Nicholson from time to time but they don't hang out that often


JFC. ONTD do you know more or less shitty men than Anjelica Huston?
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