'The View' Round-Up: Mueller's Objection To Barr Letter and The Co-Hosts Celebrate Abby's Birthday

The co-hosts discuss if they believe that U.S. Attorney General William Barr lied to Congress about the Mueller report. Abby says Mueller must be very frustrated because he spent so much time on this investigation. Sunny encourages everyone to read Mueller's letter to Barr where he says that Barr is undermining the public's confidence. Sunny is disgusted by the Department of Justice officials. Meghan says she has the attention span of a "hamster on meth" and she is more interested in what the Democratic presidential candidates have to say.

If you didn't know, Abby's dad Jon Huntsman is the Trump-appointed U.S. Ambassador to Russia and he really wanted to appear on The View to wish his daughter a happy birthday.

Huntsman says a lot of Russians hope for a better relationship with the United States. He says that despite the two countries having different values, they can still work together to make the world a better, safer place.

The Hanson brothers send Abby a birthday message.

Bonus: Watch Abby being ignorant for 11 minutes!

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