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kindness premieres new song, 'lost without (feat. seinabo sey)', co-written by kelela

  • It’s been about five years since otherness, the last album from kindness.

  • in the past few years, the disco-pop auteur has been working with other artists, contributing to records from people like robyn, solange, and blood orange.

  • "it’s a lush, contemplative track with a house [beat and the] production sheen of ’80s r&b. the rubbery bassline, in particular, is tasty, and the horn stabs are no joke either. and sey sings it with a bittersweet warmth, keeping it contemplative but also bringing some majesty to it." co-written by kelela (op note: stan ha!) and featuring vocals by swedish pop performer seinabo sey.

  • this is kindness' second proper release of the year after "cry everything (feat. robyn)".

  • stream "lost without" below:

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

anyone seeing them on tour?
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