The Face names and shames male celebs with questionable hygiene

  • Matthew McConaughey hasn't used deodorant in at least 20 years and was begged by Kate Hudson to use it (she even thoughtfully gifted him some). He declined.

  • Robert Pattinson also had questionable hygiene from 2009 to approximately 2014 (when he discovered the joys of moisturizer). When he was once asked if it was true he had gone up to six weeks without washing his hair he gave an evasive answer saying that his hair existed to be on his head, not to be washed.

  • (Alleged) domestic abuser Johnny Depp was once begged by Angelina Jolie to gargle with listerine before their kissing scenes.

  • Author notes that ironically all these men have been the face of major perfume campaigns.


ONTD do you use deodorant?