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'The View' Round-Up: Buttigieg Talks White Privilege, E.L. James Talks New Book, and More

Abby is a huge fan of Mayor Pete and thinks he handled the question of white privilege perfectly. She says she shouldn't have to apologize for being a white woman or for coming from a family of privilege. Joy praises Buttigieg for acknowledging his white male privilege. Sunny adores Mayor Pete because he has empathy. Meghan calls herself the whitest woman ever. She points out that Pete being gay means he is also part of an oppressed class. Whoopi says everyone is oppressed in some way including white women.

The co-hosts remember director John Singleton who passed away after suffering from a stroke.

Dr. Jill Biden defends her husband saying that a lot of people, both men and women, approach him looking for comfort. She thinks that going forward, he needs to be more mindful because we're living in a different time. Abby is really worried about how far #MeToo is going and that we'll lose our ability to have human connections. She thinks that if the left is going to rake Biden over the coals because of this, then they deserve Trump.

Abby thinks the majority of the country will not pick a socialist candidate a.k.a. candidates who support Medicare For All over Trump. Sunny thinks the most powerful aspect of Biden's message is asking people to choose between hope or fear. Joy points out that Trump's approval rating should be a lot higher considering the economy is on fire.

E.L. James thinks the #MeToo movement was incredibly timely and she talks about how it influenced her new book.

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smh they were just talking about how male candidates are getting more media coverage compared to female candidates and today's show dedicated three segments to Biden and Buttigieg

Poll #2092423 The top 5 candidates in most polls are...

Who are you most likely to vote for?

Joe Biden (32.8)
Bernie Sanders (19.4)
Elizabeth Warren (8.4)
Pete Buttigieg (8.4)
Kamala Harris (7.2)
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