Cynthia Nixon wishes " Sex and the city" wasn't so White and Wealthy

-While promoting her new movie "Stray Dolls" Cynthia Nixon answered questions at the Tribeca film festivial about "Sex and the city".

- She says she hopes it would not be so white and wealthy today.

- Says that there was a debate if the show was feminist, but that it failed as it showed only white, wealthy woman fighting for empowerment in a bubble.

- Annoyed that the only working class character was Steve the bartender, her characters boyfriend turned husband on the show.

-Hoped that everyone would not look so put together and be allowed to look flawed.

- The artcle brings up "Girls" and "Big Little Lies" as current female led shows


Ontd: Do you prefer your entertainment to show how life is or how you wish it was. Realism ,fantasy or both