Anna Sorokin, aka the Soho Grifter and the Socialite Scammer, Found Guilty of Fraud


Anna Sorokin, the Russian woman who pretended to be a German heiress and scammed over $200,000 for a phony art club, was convicted of fraud. Under the fake name Anna Delvey, she took out phony loans and wrote bad checks to live the lifestyle of a socialite. She stayed in luxury hotels, bought designer clothes, and dined at the finest restaurants. She even scammed her friend out of more than $60,000 for a luxury vacation.

During the trial, the judge got pissed at her for throwing tantrums because she wanted to wear designer clothes that were too revealing.

If you haven't read the full articles at New York Magazine and Vanity Fair, they are WILD.

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Do u know any scammers?