David LaChapelle recalls Britney feeling 'caged', wanting to die in her music video

Director David LaChapelle breathed new life into the #FreeBritney campaign, commenting under a post of the mysteriously leaked 'Make Me' music video that he directed for Britney Spears.

• The director says he finds it suspicious the video leaked while she was "away" in treatment.
• Recalls how it was Britney herself who ultimately scrapped the video.
• He says her only direction was wanting to be filmed in a cage, and how in the past she kept wanting to die in her 'Everytime' music video. He suspects these were cries for help.
• He says he's felt something was wrong since he first worked with Britney in 1998, when he shot her iconic Rolling Stone cover and noticed 'beauty pageant trophies' throughout her house.
• Makes a reference toward being against "greed and lies".

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