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Lizzo Loves Her Body and Her 'Blackness': 'My Body Is Just So F—ing Beautiful'

In an interview with V magazine, artist Lizzie opens up about independence and self love. She says her new album, Cuz I Love You, is about “how to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back”

On self image and self acceptance:

Lizzo talks about growing up and coming to terms with her body and the idea of self love.

“I love my body. No matter what angle you shoot it at … my body is just so fucking beautiful all the time..I may talk shit about it sometimes, but fuck. She’s still a bad bitch.”

On celebrating her blackness:

“I am really just so honored to be graced with this identity... No shade to any other shade on the planet — I just can’t relate. I just love being a black woman, even in a world where we are statistically the least desirable. I am still here, and I still rise.”

On inclusion in music:

Lizzo talks about the lack of visibility for marginalized people in the music industry.

“...And if I am going to fight what I have been marginalized for, I am going to fight for all marginalized people. Also, I honestly feel like there is no such thing as straight... Because fuck boxes; I am too big to be put in one anyway. I am a fat bitch.”

Favorite song off her new album?

Tags: black celebrities, feminism / social issues, interview, music / musician
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