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Joan Collins offered the role of "Cleopatra" if she slept with the head of Fox studio

- Joan Collins(Dynasty, American Horror Story)spoke with CBS Sunday Morning With Mo Rocca.

- Her home in England was very creative with her and her younger sister, late author Jackie Collins.

-She went to the famed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to study acting and quickly got roles.

- She says on a night out ,the head of Fox studio said that if she would be with him, he would set her up in an apartment and have her pick of roles and 1963 "Cleopatra" would be hers. She referred him to her agent to move him along. The role went to Elizabeth Taylor and lost money for the studio ,as it went very over budget.

- She ranks her five husbands. The 5th and current one at 17 years ranks #1. Her 1st and 2nd are a toss up for worst. The 2nd one fatherd 2 of her 3 children. She was 27 and wanted kids and he was talented as an actor but not as a husband.

-Speaks of romance with Warren Beaty and Harry Belafonte.

- John Forsythe, who played oil magnate Blake Carrington was sexist to her and resented that she was seen as the shows saving grace.

-Knew "Dynasty" was a hit when she was driving down sunset blvd and a schoolbus full of kids started yelling"We hate you Alexis"!

-The Queen mum was an Alexis fan.

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