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How Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ended Up Writing for the Veronica Mars Revival

Abdul-Jabbar has written many books including a novel about Sherlock Holmes’s brother Mycroft and writes a column on five young adult books everyone should read. He happens to put Rob Thomas’s book, Slave Day on the one of the columns and mentions that he is a fan of Veronica Mars and iZombie. When it came to the 20th re-release of Slave Day , Thomas’s editor had suggested Abdul-Jabbar to write the foreword. Abdul-Jabbar agree only if he could play a zombie on iZombie which he will on May 9th ep as a undead city councilman. After enjoying a dinner together with Abdul-Jabbar and his writing partner, they expressed interest in developing a tv show so Thomas ask them to come in to see how a writing room work. They ended up co-writing Ep 6 of the revial.

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