Cara Delevingne to get award from The Trevor Project + her & Ashley Benson call out homophobic fan

- The Trevor Project is giving Cara the Hero Award for her LGBT advocacy.
- Cara says she's humbled and speechless by the honor of receiving the award.
- The Trevor Project is a national nonprofit dedicated to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.

Okay, so heres what happened (I couldn't find all the screenshots of the whole interaction, so like, just believe me?):
- There was an Instagram account that was solely dedicated to Ashley's past relationship with some ugly dude and they would make posts about how Cara is the worst, secretly still in love with St. Vincent, and Ashley needed to get back together with the ugly guy because she isn't gay and Cara put a spell on her; the account would tag both their public and private accounts and then sometimes their family members accounts.
- The troll made a post yesterday with a video of Cara messing around with friends and slapping one of them on the butt, they said it was disrespectful to Ashley and she could do better. Some bitch in the comments then got psycho and started tagging Ashley's mom and saying Cara's a devil dyke (stealing this nickname tbh), that the account needed to continue the harassment because it's working and Ashley's willing to listen (lol huh), and Ashley could find a nice religious man.
- Ashley responded telling both accounts to fuck off and mind their business, they continued to tag and harass her family. Then came Cara, who said it's true love and these people need to get a hobby.
- The account then went private.

ONTD, are you an Instagram troll?

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