Robert Pattinson talks life many years after Twilight

Robert Pattinson recently gave an interview where he talks a bit about his life now. He currently drives a ten year old car that he bought for a thousand dollars and it broke down the morning of the interview so when leaving, he had to order an Uber from his also somewhat-broken iPhone.

He doesn't want to talk much about his relationships, but when asked if he's on good terms with exes Kristen Stewart and FKA Twigs, he says he is. He doesn't think of those relationships ending as a sign that he should've avoided dating famous women because they both lasted quite a while

One of his oldest Hollywood friends is Katy Perry who he met before she was famous: “She’s exactly the same. That’s difficult to do,”

In general he thinks celebrity has changed a lot since he first came to LA in 2006 as cameraphones became more and more popular and that actors today are a lot more tame: "Debauchery has been cancelled. The whole of debauchery.

He waves away career comparisons to Timothee Chalamet: “Straight off the bat he’s nominated for an Oscar. Different world! At his age I was doing mall tours. I actually did love it. One of the more fun things to do with Twilight.”