25 years of ‘His ‘n’ Hers’: A look back at Pulp’s glorious fourth album

-Pulp had been a relatively unnoticed band for 16 years by the time their 4th album came out in April 1994, just after the death of Kurt Cobain and the rise of Britpop
-Fun fact: At some point in those 16 years, Jarvis Cocker was performing in a wheelchair because he fell out of a window while trying to impress a lady
-Their album was ahead of it's time in terms of love, sex, romance, and recontextualizing masculinity - "it sounded like they actually cared about women"
-But even at the time, their sound seemed out of place, given Oasis and Blur's "pre-Brexit" anthems
-The source says it's a shame they broke up 8 years after that, and had a failed reunion in 2011

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