BTS record best worldwide sales week since Adele and perform 'Dionysus' in Korea

BTS's Map of The Soul: Persona has recorded the best worldwide sales week since Adele's 25 in 2015. The album topped the US (with 230k first week sales), UK, Australian, Canadian charts and others, while breaking the Korean album record in Japan. In Korea, this EP will be around 3m~ and will be competing to become the best-selling Korean album ever.

More importantly, BTS has been performing their song 'Dionysus' in Korea. People always ask what sets BTS apart from other groups, and I think this is a nice example. On the surface it is just a mindless party song, but it's actually a meditation on the thrill, obsession and pressure of creating art on their own terms. They also touch on their legacy, and ambition despite the fame. It's not my favourite song but the originality and sincerity of the song's concept is impressive.

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