Prince William's Alleged Affair goes Viral on Twitter + Is Prince William Imposing a Media Blackout?

This past week, Prince William's alleged affair went viral on twitter. He was trending WW for a few days. And of course, there were drags.

People of course couldn't help but notice the odd radio silence of the British media (esp. the tabloids) who can't help but drag the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle for pretty much...anything. Some feel that maybe DOS was thrown to the wolves to cover for the affair. After that Sunday Times article...maybe so.

It's also being speculated that Prince William and his team are imposing a "media blackout".

Up until this point, I don't think a single UK media outlet has picked it up yet. There have been a lot of tweet and deletes by journalists and people "in the know" who say that something is up. Is something brewing...? Who knows!

eta: megan's tweet was up when I submitted the post, welp [deleted tweet]

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