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James Charles was blocking fans for complaining about his high-priced tour tickets

In a recent video on his channel, James Charles announced he will be going on a 24-city tour across the United States this summer. Charles is naming it the "Shishter’sSister’s Tour."

The tour will feature a 90 minute show. General admission tickets are selling for $59. The VIP packages are available ranging from $100 to $500, the higher priced VIP options offer a meet and greet with James and a "premium goodie bag." According to James, the $500 VIP option will be "extremely limited" and not available at all venues. After the first announcement, fans were quick to question why the prices of tickets were that high.

"A Beyoncé ticket is $250. You’re not Beyoncé," tweeted one sister. "Are you kidding me tickets are that much? Girl bye," tweeted another one of his sisters. During the attack, James was blocking and unfollowing his sisters for their valid concern with the high-prices tickets.

Since, Charles said he is talking to his team to find a way to lower the prices, but it’s unlikely that will happen. In previous tweets, James defended his prices, "It’s very expensive to drive across the country with an entire team of tour staff."

Would you pay $500 to see shishter James, ONTD?

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