Netflix’s ‘Bonding’ Slammed by Dominatrix Community for “Garbage” Portrayal of Dommes

Various members of the dominatrix community have come forward to express their disappointment with the series.
It tells the story of Tiff, a dominatrix and grad student, and her gay best friend-turned-assistant Pete.
"Bonding is not for sex workers and misses the mark on realistic portrayals of ProDommes & their clients, as well as the many legal questions surrounding sex work. Utter garbage,”

"Just watched Bonding on Netflix. What a horrible show. It didn't accurately portray BDSM or sex work."

"It appears the show, in spite of good intentions, has missed the mark on realistic portrayals of ProDommes & their clients, not to mention some of the more technical aspects of the job (rope, e.g.). There are so many qualified folx in LA who could've provided affordable guidance."

"The problem I see is that this is not for sexworkers. None of us are the target audience, nor does it seem we were considered during the production process. This is for college age civvie women who want to dip their toe into SW for lols without ever taking on any of the risks."

"Getting the impression that no one in kink or sex work was actually involved in the making of this show."

"please don’t get me started on the show Bonding, how it’s a ridiculous satire of sex work, or why the domme in the show is wearing a sub collar, or the million other things that’s wrong with it. It was also directed by a man. @netflix what the fuck are you doing."

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