Critics aren't fans of Taylor Swift's latest single

Music publication Pitchfork ripped into Taylor Swift's latest single 'Me!', calling it a "candy coated dud" meant for "literal children".

The publication says it's a showcase for Taylor's weakest and worst work, best summed up as a corporate jingle.

The Atlantic isn't a fan of the single either, calling it "everything that gives pop a bad rap", and that the only revealing aspect of the song is that Swift "desperately wants a hit".

The publication points out the hypocrisy in Taylor lauding a message of individuality through what sounds like a vintage–Katy Perry empowerment throwaway.

NME criticizes the song as lacking to reach beyond the superficial, summing up the lyrics as "hollow positivity that is slapped on greetings cards and slogan t-shirts"

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How are you feeling about ME! a day later, ONTD?
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