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MBC reports Burning Sun & other clubs involved in a whole bunch of horrific stuff

CONTENT WARNING! This post contains mention of torture, sexual assault, and child abuse.

A new episode of MBC Straight (an investigative program) aired expanding upon the raging scandal of Burning Sun which involves several people in the Kpop industry. Here is a summary of what they said:
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According to this report, Gangman clubs like Arena and Burning Sun set up places for VVIPs to engage in crimes such as drugs, sadistic sexual violence, and illegal filming.
It was also reported that the clubs used a team of "incinerators" to cover up what went on. Basically they were professional a clean up crew and according to "analyzed text messages," they were trained to erase bloodstains that were evidence anyVVIPs’ crimes.
MBC claims to have more evidence in the form of texts and also have witnesses. Here is a quote from one of them:

“There was a time I went to clean up at 6:00am but the party wasn’t over. When I got there the men all seemed out of it and I wasn’t sure if I should come in. When I went in I saw a woman that looked like she was in a coma. Her face was twitching and she was bleeding. One guy, who appeared to be a doctor, was filming the scene and he said, “she’s bleeding out, it must’ve been really good.”

There was also alledgedly underage sex trafficking, with victims experiencing PTSD, one of the girls was subject to multiple abortions resulting in permanent damage.

Joo Won Kyu, a successful author of the book "Made in Gangnam" (메이드 인 강남), wrote about the harsh reality of clubs in Gangnam, but passed it off as fiction. The book has revealed everything he learned about the areas club industry, during the 6 months he worked there. According to Joo Won Kyu, Sungri’s Burning Sun scandal was only the tip of the iceberg. He says that drug parties, prostitution and police collusion is far worse in reality. There are countless cases of underage prostitution in the clubs and he recalled that there was even a 6th-grade girl among the call girls. Meaning that she was only 12 years old.

Many Korean idols are shareholders in these clubs. Of course, a huge cover up is suspected since it involves powerful people with a lot of money, and many people are saying not to trust this author.

source, source, source, source
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