Jonathan Rhys-Davies (Gimli from LOTR) says that Trump "is the last great hope for mankind"

Question: What could possibly make Question Time worse than it already is?

Answer: One of the actors from a beloved movie franchise seriously revealing his true colours as a raging arsehole.

When asked for his thoughts on Trump's impending visit to the UK this year in June, Rhys-Davies replied that Trump is the last great hope for mankind" and that he "represents the American people".

When Green MP Caroline Lucas attempted to argue back by pointing out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, he exploded in a disgusting, sexist rant by slamming his fists on the table and yelling "OH WOMAN! Have you ever read Kenneth Arrow?! Any system of election has its problems."

I couldn't find a clip that was embeddable, so you can watch this mess by skipping to 55.20 in the above video.

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