SVU Promo for 20x22: SNOOP DOG. That's It. That's the Post.

In next week's SVU episode, SNOOP DOG! And it's an Ice-T heavy episode! And it's called "Diss"! What did we do to deserve this? The promo claims to be ripped from the headlines, and mentions an attack on a pop diva, and I really hope this isn't about Rihanna again because SVU already did that (unfortunately for us all). Also, I'm pretty sure I saw Orlando Jones, and I love him, so I will try not to say that SVU has only had one episode with predominantly black guest stars this season and it's about feuding rappers. Oops, I said it.

Anyway, in better news, and as I had speculated a few weeks ago, we're not only losing the boring ADA, we're also losing the boring showrunner who gave us the supremely dull Seasons 19 and 20 of SVU!

Instead, for the upcoming Season 21, Warren Leight will return! Namely, the man who gave us the (occasional) greatness of Seasons 13 through 17, and created characters like Amaro (I miss him!), Barba (I MISS HIM!) and Carisi (I MISS HIM!!!!!! Yes, he's still on the show, but you wouldn't know it from watching.). You may recall that, in Leight's era, there was more attention on character arcs (remember Carisi and law school? Amaro's issues? Amanda's addiction? Barba's death threats?), squad and police dynamics (Dodds! And baby Dodds! RIP), fucked up yet oddly well done mash-ups of well-known crimes (like "Paula Deen shoots Trayvon Martin"), Benson's lovelife (Tucker! I miss him too!), Barisi (RIP), and we had unnecessary yet fun drama, at least an effort to be ~diverse~ (especially in the writers' room, which has since been male, white and old) and, frankly, some good writing. So, cautiously, I have some hope for Season 21.

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ONTD, did you watch last night's episode? I didn't. Frankly, I didn't plan on watching any of the remaining episodes until next season, but Snoop Dog will definitely reel me back in next week. Anyway, apparently there were some exchange students who barely spoke their supposed native languages, and who barely had accents when speaking English? Cool. Anyway, are you excited Warren Leight is returning, and do you think that means Carisi will finally get the respect he deserves as a character? Do you wish Barba comes back, especially since Raul Esparza basically said he left because Warren Leight left, and the show's quality tanked after that? Are you a smidge more optimistic about Season 21? Also, how have y'all been? I got some rest, with Easter and all, so I'm PUMPED to make the next few SVU posts without actually watching the episodes :D