New Taylor Swift Song "Me" Sounds Very Familiar to Some

Taylor Swift's new springtime bop "ME!" (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) premiered only 10 hours ago and has already surpassed 23,000,000 views on Youtube and pulled in a variety of mixed opinions, one of them being "Hey, a big part of this song sounds almost exactly like another song that used to be a hit."

People all over Twitter, including fellow artist Charlie Puth [now deleted], have noticed similarities to Emeli Sandé's 2012 single "Next to Me" which Taylor has performed live alongside her.

Do you think they sound similar? Listen to the comparison below:

The accusation has been met with harsh backlash from fans who claim it's just "falsetto" and a "basic sound", but the fact that Taylor has performed "Next to Me" as a duet with Emeli in the past is a bit sus, as this shows she was clearly aware of the song's existence.

Live performance of their duet:

+ other Twitter reactions below:

The two songs themselves are obviously very different beyond the chorus, but my personal opinion is that the chorus is undeniably inspired by Emeli's song, who receives zero credit according to ME!'s Wikipedia page. While "every artist might do this" and "nothing is entirely original" these days, white mega-popstars being blatantly "inspired" by the content of non-white artists without actually giving them any credit as they profit and reach the top of the charts is becoming an increasingly known trend. (See: Ariana Grande's "7 Rings".) This has undoubtedly been happening for decades, but people are becoming louder about pointing it out and finally speaking up for the lesser-known artists who aren't receiving credit in the industry.

Emeli Sandé has not yet commented.

(This is my first ONTD post in a very long time, please be gentle if I posted anything the wrong way!!)

What do you think? Do they sound similar at all?

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