Chris Evans on the cover of May’s Men’s Journal

My future husband (to be shared among a few others via an earlier agreement 😂) is on the cover of May’s Men’s Journal.

*Some nice descriptions of his my future home outside Boston, a renovated farmhouse on a couple of acres.

*Talks about how he was surprised that helping Regina King at the Oscars got so much attention: “The bar is so low that literally I did a normal thing, like on par with saying ‘God bless you’ when somebody sneezes, and people thought it was—I don’t know”

*Talks about how it felt to play Cap for the last time—he sobbed on the last day.

*Has no desire to live full time anywhere but near his home town of Sudbury MA.

*Mentions the anxiety he used to suffer on sets but now acting has returned to something fun because he’s not chasing down the next role so seriously.

*Wants a family of his own; enjoys pedestrian domestic things.

*Shows off the car RDJ bought him; says he keeps it in MA to RDJs surprise and not in LA because it would get paps attention. But he lets old dudes in parking lots back home look at it even if he doesn’t know enough to talk about cars with them.