How to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers online

The source suggests the following methods of avoiding Endgame spoilers after it leaked online:

Use Twitter's Mute Option

Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner, then Settings and privacy. Then, go to Muted Adds, click Add and enter any words related to Avengers, Avengers Endgame, etc.

Use Chrome Extensions

Such as Spoiler Protection 2.0 and Unspoiler.

Try Social Fixer for Facebook and Video Blocker for Youtube.

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Those of you who haven't seen it yet, how are you avoiding spoilers?

Those of you who HAVE seen it:

What did you think of Avengers Endgame?

Loved it
Hated it
I'm going to be in therapy for the rest of my life
I preferred Justice League (:

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