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The Shade Room is Creating Original Series for Instagram

Instagram is now a streaming site. Kind of.

The wildly popular Shade Room IG page and site has announced three (presumably short form) original series to air on Instagram later this year.

  • "Petty Court", where people air their petty grievances.

  • "Struggle Chef", featuring celebrities like Ray J and Joseline Hernandez.

  • "F-Boy Chronicles", about fuckboys, but I guess Variety is censoring it on purpose.

Each series is 4-5 episodes, 10-15 minutes long.

The great news is, they're being produced by a two-woman team; Veteran TV producer and Daytime Emmy-nominated showrunner Tarvenia “T” Jones and Judith Nwandu, who is Angelica’s (Nwandu, the creator of TSR) sister.
Tags: black celebrities, television
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