Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth open up about their decade long friendship

*My future husband Chris Evans and his Marvel co-star Chris Hemsworth sat down with People to talk about their 10 year friendship which started shortly after Cevans filmed the first Cap film.

*Hemmy says they met outside of a nightclub, started talking, and stayed out until 7AM.

*The duo said they knew as soon as they met they'd be fast friends, which would make working together much easier

*Hemmy wants Cevans to bring his theater career Down Under, while Cevans wants to see Hemmy's finished home.

*Cevans says he really wants kids (well I'm available so call me!) and he's really enjoyed watching Hemmy, Scarjo, and Renner become parents.

*Guess there's an article about them in the new issue on stands tomorrow.



What's the latest you've stayed out with your BFF, ONTD?