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R. Kelly fails to show up in court and loses civil lawsuit by default

R. Kelly has lost a civil lawsuit by default after he failed to show up for summons at the Cook County Circuit Court. He had to answer to allegations that he [trigger warning]sexually abused an underage girl in the late 1990s. The plaintiff in the civil lawsuit is one of the four women who filed a criminal complaint against R. Kelly back in February 2019.

No damages have been awarded yet in the civil lawsuit. There will be a hearing next month in which Judge Moira S. Johnson will hear details of the [trigger warning]alleged sexual abuse from the plaintiff before deciding how much R. Kelly has to pay.

🗣 R. Kelly's publicist, Darrell Johnson, had this to say about the judgement:

We don’t care about the lawsuit. The lawsuit means nothing to us.

Depending on the judge's judgement, R. Kelly will have to pay damages. If he doesn't pay, the plaintiff can go after his assets. If we are to believe he has little to no assets at all, he can declare bankruptcy and that would mean the plaintiff won't receive damages. He also cannotcan go to jail in this civil lawsuit explained in the comments.

No new developments in the criminal complaint against R. Kelly in Cook County (Chicago).

Tags: legal / lawsuit, r kelly, sexual misconduct
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