Chiitan Versus John Oliver Fight Imminent

During last week’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver aka Mr. British Birb devoted an entire closing segment to Chiitan, a rogue Japanese mascot that is a genderless otter fairy baby who wears a turtle for a hat. Not only that, but the show created a new mascot called Chiijohn and sent him to Japan to befriend Shinjokun, the actual official mascot for the city of Susaki.

After the show aired, Chiitan was quick to respond, and John Oliver made it clear he is well aware of the challenge:

Chiitan has posted tweets of themself taunting Mr. British Birb and training for the fight:

Not only that, it is apparent Chiitan used their rocket legs to fly to New York, where Last Week Tonight is filmed.

ONTD, can you smell what the Chiitan is cooking? Are you #TeamChiitan or #TeamBritishBirb