illyrias_pet (illyrias_pet) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ariana Grande posts rehearsal with NSYNC + Nick Carter wants NSYNC-BSB joint tour

Ariana posted a video of her and NSYNC rehearsing for Coachella.
Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys quote RT'd a Rolling Stone article that said NSYNC needs to tour without Justin Timberlake, sayinig that it needs to happen, he would go and watch them, and that he wants a NSYNCBackstreet Tour or NSYNCBackstreet Song.

Source: Instagram, Twitter

Not here for NSYNC/BSB tour since Nick is a rapist and Brian is a Trump supporter. I doubt it would ever happen, but if a NSYNC/BSB tour did happen, do you think their stans would get into fights in the audience? Ie. Tiffany BSB stan vs NSYNC stan on TRL
Tags: 'n sync, ariana grande, backstreet boys, coachella

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