Julia Louis-Dreyfus reviews some of her iconic looks

  • She says she had a lot of infuence over Elaine's wardrobe, does not understand why 90s fashion is coming back

  • The suede Ralph Lauren fringe jacket she wore as Elaine belonged to her and she still owns it

  • She felt super self conscious during her first Emmy appearance because she had just given birth and was heavier than normal and then the dress split

  • Her sexy dress during the 1995 Emmys was Armani and Georgio Armani wrote her a handwritten note thanking her for wearing the dress

  • Her Mark Twain awards dress was crafted from one piece of lace with no seams

  • Selina Meyer always wears red in the season premiere of Veep

  • She wears a wig to play Selina


ONTD are you a fashionista? What are your favourite fashion moments?
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