New: Britney Spears Medication Triggered Mental Health Crisis

According to the source:

Britney's cocktail of medications that controlled her mental health issues had become ineffective

Doctors needed to wean her off the previous meds then start her on new meds, which requires close monitoring because going off meds can trigger /redacted/

Then, getting new meds regulated can take some time. All this occurred simultaneous to her distress over her dad's health issues.

Source is saying she checked herself in, for a 30 day stay, which is nearing its end

Two things source states about the c-ship:
1) the c-ship cannot force her to take or not to take meds; that is between her and her doctor(s)
2) the c-ship, which is handled through a probate court, doesn't allow the conservator(s) to commit her to a treatment facility

Source says her dad didn't want her to go to a treatment center because he knew it would leak to the press and now you have [blah blah blah], and her dad felt it could be handled differently without it becoming pubic