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#WhiteCulture; "CBS Has a White Problem" Says Executive Whitney Davis

  • Davis says that with the investigations of Leslie Moonves from an outside company last fall happened, that she assumed all forms of discrimination would be looked into (attorneys didn't tell her otherwise).

  • There are no black creative excutives at CBS TV Network or TV Studios. The 36 creative executives have only 3 WOC, none black.

  • Had a 2-hour long interview about the systemic racism, discrimination, and sexual harassment at the company. When the report leaked to the media before the board reviewed the findings, the CBS Investigation Hotline had said that the matter was already closed.

When she worked in production, whites would often call her and the one other black woman We-Dra, a portmandeau for Whitney and Deidra. A senior producer with "CBS Evening News" always wanted to touch her hair and make inappropriate jokes. A lot of white men were hellbent on touching her and talking about her hair.

When a white woman used the N-Word, the senior executive only told Whitney to "grow thicker skin".

read the entire thing at the source, including a weak rebuttal from CBS and denials from the white men.
Tags: race / racism, television - cbs
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