Jana Kramer Responds to Backlash Over "Hot" Nanny Comments

Jana Kramer has responded to backlash over her podcast comments in a message on her Instagram.


"Okay. There has been some backlash about my nanny comments so I want to come here to discuss...First of all, a few of the things I said were taken severely out of context. Like the fact that people think I meant the nanny deserved it cause she is hot. I did NOT say that NOR would I ever say that or think that....”

"No one ever deserves to be sexually assaulted in the workplace based on what they wear or how they look. Period. Me and the whine down crew were talking about not bringing in temptation. Now me saying that is also wrong and offending some. On my podcast I like to stir things up, start conversations BUT never to offend others. So for the nannies I have offended I'm sorry."

"The funny thing is all my past nannies have been beautiful and I never cared because they LOVED my children and that's what it's about. At the end of the day people will cheat no matter what and it doesn't matter what someone looks like. Truth is it's about BOUNDARIES and this week on the podcast we talk about that. It's not about how hot the nanny is, or how big of boobs ur nanny has or what she is wearing... it's about BOUNDARIES and TRUST.. It truly is about having healthy boundaries with your spouse."

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