Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine interview on CBS Sunday Morning

-Singer Florence Welch of Florence and the machine takes cbs sunday morning on a tour of her hometown of south london, where she visits the museum that has the glass ceiling she climbed when she was younger.

- She felt safe singing as a child. She would sing along with Billie Holiday songs in a nightgown with a wine glass filled with orange juice at ten.

-She says her quick success was like a tidal wave and she began to drink. She would stay up two nights in a row while she drank. She relized she needed to stop in 2014. She says the first year was hard and confusing.

- Potenial trigger warning.

-She says she was suprised by her own lyrics on the song "Hunger". The lyrics go," At 17 I started to starve myself . the second lyric " I thought love was a kind of emptiness" really shocked her. She did not relize that's what she thought.

- She says there was a war inside of her, and she did not know how to be acceptable of herself.

-She feels through a lot of hard work that is behind her.

- Performing is very freeing to her.