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ONTD Original: The Best Seasons' Snatch Games Of RuPaul's Drag Race, Ranked

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Last week we ranked the best Snatch Game impressions ever on RuPaul's Drag Race. This week, we're ranking the best to worst overall Snatch Games on the show, by season.

From worst to best:

WORST: Season 11

Yes, this exact fucking season. It sucked. It sucked balls. Mostly because it was so boring. When the strongest impression is Silky Ganache as T.S. Madison, then you know it's a weak-ass Snatch Game.

(I can't find the full video on Youtube, sorry.)

All Stars Season 4

"I rike-a da big... black.. deek." Enough said.

Season 4

Now, don't get me wrong, this season had some great impressions. Chad Michaels as Cher? Iconic. But between Phi Phi's weak Lady Gaga, Kenya's Beyonce farting on people, and Jiggly shouting, "SNOOKI WANT SMUSH SMUSH!," this season fucking bit it.

All Stars Season 3

This season's Snatch was decent, except for Trixie's legendary flop RuPaul.

Winner, winner, chicken... supper.

(This one also isn't on Youtube, sorry.)

Season 3

There were a lot of solid performances in this season, but it lands solidly in the middle.

Season 5

Although this Snatch gave us Jinkx's blessed Little Edie impression, the mostly lackluster other performances dragged it down.

Season 8

Season 8 is not known as the strongest season, but its Snatch Game had some great moments, including Thorgy as Michael Jackson and Derrick doing a near-perfect Britney.

Season 10

WHOOPS, I forgot season 10!!! it's pretty hilarious!

Season 7

SO. MANY. GOOD. PERFORMANCES. Little Richard. Adele. Suzy Orman. Big Ang. I mean, come on.

Season 9

I mean. Can we fucking talk about Alexis Michelle and Sasha Velour? Plus, this was a great mixture of old-fashion Hollywood stars, contemporary celebrities, and gay cult icons.

Season 2

The O.G. Snatch Game that started it all, with Tati's legendary Britney and Pandora's legendary Carol Channing.

Season 6

This season turned out two great performances and some other pretty fucking funny ones. BALONEY!

All Stars Season 2

wHy DoNt YoU cOmE oN uP aNd FuCk Me In ThE aSs SoMeTiMe, ohhhh!

This is an excuse for a Drag Race discussion post!

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