lol (kyiviansnow) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Rilakkuma and Kaoru is now streaming on Netflix!

Living legend Rilakkuma's new stop motion anime, titled Rilakkuma and Kaoru, is now streaming on Netflix. It's 13 episodes long at 11-12 minutes each, available in its native Japanese language, subbed as well as dubbed (with Lana Condor as the titular Kaoru for the English dub).

So far, reviews have been largely positive, with the show praised not just for its adorable creatures and exquisite set designs, but also its realistic portrayal of anxiety and challenges during adulthood.

I binged this as soon as it come out and did not expect it to get as melancholic and deep as it did at points! ONTD, are you someone impossible to be hated by others, just like Rilakkuma?

Source: 1, 2, 3
Tags: animation, anime / manga, asian celebrities, netflix
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