Michael Che harasses a writer on Instagram over a snarky article about Colin Jost

• Earlier today writer Steven Hyden published a piece on Uproxx titled "Why Does Everyone (Still) Hate 'SNL's' Colin Jost?"

• The main point of the article is that Hyden considers Jost to be a "company man" who isn't very funny because he has no particular point of view. He makes no effort to be anything but "pleasant" and slightly frat bro-y in his comedy.

• It's unclear if Che was upset about the way Hyden wrote about Jost, or if he was upset that Hyden said that Che was "slightly edgier" and "generally funnier" than Jost.

• Like he's done so many times before, Che took to Instagram stories to complain about the article.

• This time he went on a post-and-delete spree where he "jokes" about Hyden being into bestiality. At one point, one of his followers sent him a screenshot of Hyden's Wikipedia page that had been changed to reference Che's joke.

• This isn't the first time Che has used social media to harass and/or belittle other writers (most of them women).

A number of female critics, writers, comedians, and editors talked to Jezebel the stories of Che finding their critical articles and tweets. Many (op included) would call this targetted harassment. Che insists that these critics should expect a comedian to fire back at them.

ontd, will you still like me when Michael Che screenshots this and tries to doxx me on his insta story?

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