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Former iCarly Star Jennette Mccurdy Opens Up About History of Eating Disorders

Excerpts from the article after the cut.

- Developed anorexia at age 11, with the encouragement from her mom who also had history of disordered eating.
- Instead of feeling bothered by her mom’s suggestions as well as portion control and counting calories for her she felt like her mom was looking out for her.

- By the time she was in iCarly she would measure her thighs with a measuring tape before bed.

- When she was signed to a record label and her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 18, she began binge eating.

- At 21 she began resenting her status as a teen idol and didn’t believe she deserved it for playing Sam which fueled her into bulimia.

- States eating disorders in young Hollywood are highly competitive and there was a “disordered eating heirarchy” with anorexia overruling bulimia.

- Her sister in law stepped in when she was filming Between on Netflix and she started going to therapy and bringing her therapist to triggering events.

- After a breakdown at the Kids Choice Awards, her therapist had her admitted into an inpatient clinic but she stopped seeing her afterwards.

- “My throat frequently bled and I popped blood vessels in my eyes from vomiting so much. Once I lost a tooth after regurgitated stomach fluids wore down my enamel. Another time I passed out on my friend’s bathroom floor from dehydration”

- She’s been back in treatment for over 2 years with a new therapist rebuilding her relationship with food.


If you have time to read this, I highly recommend it. Good for her for speaking out.
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