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ONTD Original: The Truth About Britney's Father.

The current hype surrounding the #FreeBritney movement has many alarming aspects to consider, but one of the most present throughout most of the conservatorship is no other than Britney's father, Jamie Spears.

Here is a small background on Britney's current sole conservator previous to the current state of affairs and his involvement in the conservatorship.

- Birth Background:

Jamie Spears was born in Louisiana on July 6 in 1952 which makes him currently 66 years old. His mother, Emma Jean Spears committed suicide in 1966 after not being able to cope with the loss of her son Austin in 1957. Jamie's father, Austin Spears had warned the local police about his wife attempting suicide on three occasions before her death.

- Pre Lynne Spears:

Jamie worked as a boiler-maker which led him to working in Louisiana, New York, Missouri and Memphis. Back in the day considered one of the best athletes in the region.
Jamie Spears was married before meeting Lynne to Debra Sanders in 1972. The marriage lasted about three years. Debra's reason for divorce was a claim that despite being a great wife to Jamie, he simply abandoned her.

- Marriage to Lynne: Jamie met Lynne and got married in 1976 which leads to believe that they met, dated and got married in just two weekes after his divorce, or even worse, that they were seeing each other while Jamie was still married. Both eloped to marry in New York, but by 1980 Lynne had already filed for divorce citing adultery, in fact, she described on her book his erratic drinking, "benders", and cheating on Christmas back in 1979. The divorce filing included allegations regarding his temper which led her to also asking for a restraining order.

- Father of three:

Nine months after marrying Lynne, they had a son, Bryan Spears who was witness to Jamie's drinking binges and several cases of belittling and berating Lynne. Such benders were even the case when Lynne's father passed away during which
Jamie disappeared for a whole week.

- Divorce Cancelation:

A few months after Lynne's divorce filing, she ended up withdrawing it. Following this, they moved out of their trailer park home to take out their first mortgage, this following year was described by Lynne as heaven, which is around the time when Britney was born.

- Britney's Father:

At this time, Jamie opened a spa/gym to switch careers in hopes of a steadier income. The birth of both Bryan and Britney, along with the new mortgage and business took a toll on Jamie and he relapsed. The arguing between Jamie & Lynne became regular and heavily influenced by his bad temper. Britney would make a habit of then seeking shelter in her aunt's house. The newly founded business soon became neglected by Jamie and led the family to be broke to the point of Jamie hunting to feed his family.

- Left Alone & Jamie Lynne:

On April 1991, Jamie Lynne Spears was born, but this time around there wouldn't be a chance for Jamie to relapse yet again after the birth of one of his children because this time around Jamie Lynne left along with Lynne & Britney as they all went around showcasing Britney in hopes of securing her a deal in the entertainment business which then led to moving out to Florida.

- Debt-Free:

Following Britney's success from her first two album's, she cleared Jamie of any debt that he had at the moment, while Lynne got a finance separation that would spare her of any financial problems that Jamie had at the moment and subsequently allowed her to receive Britney's mansion to her without any fear of it being take away because of Jamie's financial struggles.

- Teen Mom Daughter:

Jamie Lynne's infamous pregnancy announcement back in 2007 made Jamie's rage resurface, especially during a time where Britney was causing havoc in her own life.

- Reconciliation:

Back in 2010 it was reported that Jamie and Lynne had reconciled and gotten back together, however no further reports have been made and everything indicates that they are currently separated.

Source 1: My copy of Britney: Inside The Dream. The Biography by Steve Dennis.


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