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ONTD Original: Top 10 N'SYNC's live performances.

Since the Syncmageddon has started and there's even talks about a reunion. Let's revisit N'sync's best live performances.

10. 'Space Cowboy/Makes Me Ill'
N'sync HBO Concert Special

Space Cowboy is such a ridiculous song, but they made it so entertaining and fun during the performance of their HBO Concert Special. Raise your hands if you did the Space Cowboy dance routing on the tip of your toes! 🙋‍♂️

9. 'Just Got Paid'
Billboard Awards 2000

It's such a shame that this never was a single from 'No Strings Attached' cause it's so much fun. And so relatable now that i'm an adult.

8. 'I Want You Back'
N'SYNC LIVE: The Atlantis Concert

The atlantis concert to promote 'Celebrity' was so much fan, but you gotta appreciate them for still performing an oldie. 'I want you back' remains a bop to this day.

7. 'Baby One More Time/Tearin' Up My Heart' ft. Britney Spears
MTV VMA 1999

Iconic... as Britney and Nsync's first MTV performance. Also, people loved it back in the day because of the rumours that JT and Britney were dating. i feel like in school already!

6. 'Up Against The Wall'
N'SYNC LIVE: The Atlantis Concert

I WANT TO BE STUCK IN THOSE WALLS TOO!! That shit looks like so much fun, and this was not only one of the more upbeat performances, but one of the best tracks of 'Celebrity' as well.

5. 'A Puro Dolor/Yo te voy a Amar' ft. Son By Four
Latin Grammy Awards 2000

Son by Four had this one hit that was on the chart for like 3 million years, but if you were a latin kid, you could appreciate Nsync performing in spanish during the first Latin Grammy Awards. Also JC looks so damn handsome here.

4. 'Girlfriend/Bye Bye Bye'
MTV VMA 2013

The reunion!!! You can see ONTD post and reaction to it. People lost their shit cause we were not expecting this to happen. Like ever. Especially since JT became such a douche. It was short, but sweet. Like sex with your ex.

3. 'Pop' ft. Voldemort
MTV VMA 2001

Back in the day, people were calling this one of the best performances ever. 'Pop' was such a hit, but Michael had been absent from the stage probably because he was too busy molesting children, yet people still freaked out. Looking back, it's a very good performance, right until he appears.

2. 'Digital Get Down'
N'sync HBO Concert Special

Such a random hit, and it's so damn 90's. The dial up, the keyboards, them having no idea what digital meant. i fucking love it. Bonus points for 2:42 when it looks like JC is gonna sex. you. up.

1. 'This i Promise You/Bye Bye Bye/It's Gonna Be Me (Remix)'
MTV VMA 2000

'No Strings Attached' is a superior album by far. It just is. So having the three singles together was such a hit, and doing a remix of most of them was great too. Til this day, that version of 'It's Gonna Be Me' remains one of my faves.

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