Britney's team feared she would have died without treatment, say she was abusing medication

In what appears to be an indirect response to the viral #FreeBritney campaign, insiders within Britney Spears' team revealed to The Blast that they feared the singer would have died without immediate treatment.

• They claim Britney had not been taking her medication as prescribed, was taking the wrong amounts of medication, and her overall mental health had “deteriorated” to a dangerous point.

• Both her team and father agreed if she did not enter a treatment facility right away, “she would be dead.”

• The source says Britney met with “several doctors” and had been placed on “several different medications” prior to being committed.

• Because Spears was recently given increased amounts of freedom and left to her own devices, they say it “was a recipe for disaster,” with the tipping point being her driving around on January 6th without her security team present. (She's obligated to have a security guard assigned to her at all times because “anytime she would drive she would get in trouble.”)

• As this contradicts reports she voluntarily entered treatment due to stress over her father's illness, they now say her team used it as a "smokescreen" to avoid the real reason getting out.

*updated with additional info

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