Stans Are Still Trying to Make 'Victoria Justice Vs. Ariana Grande' a Thing

When it comes to Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice, stans and trolls alike thrive on keeping their alleged feud alive. We all know that women who don't mesh well typically like to, at worst, keep a passive-aggressive distance from eachother, and that's all that seems to be happening (if anything) with Ariana and Victoria.

But what fun would that be?

Victoria made a post on Instagram about how she left Coachella early. Many fans tried to push the narrative that she was just trying to avoid Ariana Grande, who performed on the same day Victoria left lmao.


Victoria Justice, in classic Victoria Justice fashion, took it to Instagram to passively respond to those trolls via Story.

"Almost home, back in L.A. Unfortunately, I had to leave early - I didn't get to experience any of Coachella Day 3, which is such a bummer. Um, there are so many artists that I wanted to see, and of course I wanted to see Ariana tonight. But I know that she's gonna have an amazing show and she's gonna kill it."



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