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Anne Hathaway On Giving Up Alcohol For Her Son & Being Told She'd Never Get A Good Part After 35

-She said that she's giving up alcohol until her son turns 18, and says that it's not a 'moralistic stance' and it's not because she has a problem with drinking. Instead she states that the way she drinks leads her to have hangovers that last five days.

-"But, I just want to make this clear: Most people don't have to do such an extreme thing. I don't think drinking is bad. It's just the way I do it - which I personally think is really fun and awesome, is just not the kind of fun and awesome that goes with having a child for me. But this isn't a moralistic stance."

-“I didn’t put a drink down because my drinking was a problem; I put it down because the way I drink leads me to have hangovers and those were the problem."

-“My last hangover lasted for five days. When I’m at a stage in my life where there is enough space for me to have a hangover, I’ll start drinking again, but that won’t be until my kid is out of the house.”

-On Drinking Alcohol: "I feel like a traitor. My issue is I just love it. So. Much. But the way I do it makes me unavailable for my son. My last hangover lasted for five days."

-On being asked what she would've done if she didn't turn to acting: "In the gutter? I could have seen myself being a teacher. Or going into the military. Or being some kind of do-gooder with a death wish. But more likely than anything else I would have been an alcoholic."

-On being told that after 35 that the good roles would dry up: "I was always told that once I turned 35 I would turn into a pumpkin and never get a good part again. It makes me sad that the world tells me my skin is somehow less valuable than it used to be, but I don’t listen and I don’t agree."

-Says Michael Caine is lovely and sweet to her when he sees her (JGL can never!?) and said that he told her have separate bathrooms for a successful marriage.

-Filming Interstellar made her nauseous so she broke her Veganism and said it felt like 'computer re-booting' when she ate salmon for the role.

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