Kit Harington covers May issue of Esquire

Kit spoke about pranks on set, and how the cast spent many a night at the bar where they stayed at the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast. 

He's quizzed about the show (he didn't do well).

  •  He spoke about how his costume weighed 30 pounds, and with the sword, four more pounds. If it was wet, it would weigh up to 50. Plus, he wore high heels because they needed him to be taller. 
  • But when taking off the costume for the last time, he felt like he was being skinned.
  • Says after 8 years of actor shuffling, the in-house jokes start growing tired, and the show got as big as it can, then it was time to end the show.

He also shared ten personal photos from his phone, each with a story, and spoke about the first time he saw Emilia Clarke and why they're good friends:

I remember the first time I ever saw her. She came into the Fitzwilliam bar. I had been talking to Rich Madden at the bar and he went, “I’ve just met the new Daenerys. She’s gorgeous.” And I was like, “Really? I haven’t met her yet.” And then she came in and I saw her and was like, “Wow.” She takes your breath away when she walks into a room, Emilia.
I think we’re good mates because we, maybe more than anyone else, know what the other one’s going through a bit. I don’t mean to sound like we’re going through the worst thing in the world. But I think no one else other than Emilia
will know exactly what being on Thrones is like, the way we’re on Thrones.That’s really how we kind of bonded.

This was one of the photos in his phone, and said she looked like a million bucks.

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