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Disgraced and former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock attends Coachella, gets called out for anti-LGBTQ past

Aaron Schock, who repeatedly voted against LGBTQ rights, reportedly partied shirtless with gay friends at Coachella over the weekend. Since these photos have surfaced, the LGBTQ community and celebrities have started to call him out on social media.

Schock resigned from Congress in 2015 over the misuse of taxpayer funds. He was accused of using funds to redecorate his office to look Downton Abbey-esque and flew his staff on a private plane to a Katy Perry concert.

In 2017, he was indicted on 24 counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, theft of government funds, making false statements, filing false reports with federal election officials, and six counts of filing false tax returns. Last month, federal prosecutors dropped those charges against him in exchange for him to repay thousands of dollars.

One photo allegedly shows the 37-year-old making out with another man with his hand down his pants.

Schock has yet to publicly respond to the photos or the criticism.

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