Did Booms! BTVS #4 just take a major turn in Buffy history?

-The new issue of Buffy came out today and with it a possible major change to the franchise going forward.

-Click below for a spoilerly recap of the issue:

-The issue starts out with Xander recapping what and Buffy/Willow have been up to. Willow/Xander are learning how to fight so they arent useless in the field, Xander continues to be very depressed, Cordelia wins homecoming Queen.

-The group is worried what Dru/Spike are up to since they havent been seen in about a month which leads to Giles giving the gang the night off to just chill and be teens. Buffy/Xander/Willow decide to go to the movies and Willow invites Buffys crush, Robin to the movies.

-Spike has Buffys cell phone and decides to prey on Xanders feelings for the Buffy by texting him, making him think that Buffy wants to meet up alone instead of going to the movies. Dru/Spike corner Xander and Dru uses Xanders depression against him, convincing him that she could give him a new life as a Vampire.

-The issue ends with Drusilla feeding on Xander as Angel watches from the shadows.

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