Jana Kramer Says She Won't Hire an Attractive Nanny After Husband Mike Caussin's Cheating Scandal

The country star revealed on Monday’s episode of her podcast “Whine Down with Jana Kramer” that she was currently searching for a nanny on Care.com after the one that she and her husband were using had recently quit.

Kramer talked about how there were many female nannies who she immediately disregarded due to their attractive and/or risqué appearance in their photos.

“I just don’t understand some of these girls that post pictures on Care.com because I’m like, ‘Don’t you know the female is hiring?'” she said.”

“Not that I don’t trust my husband… I just think it’s not smart...I mean, you look at some of these nannies, and I’m like, ‘Well, you kinda asked for it, she’s kinda hot.’ You know what I mean?”

Kramer’s husband Caussin repeatedly cheated on her in 2016. He eventually entered a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction and will celebrate three years of sobriety over the summer.